For many companies, their success depends on only one factor: the staff! The knowledge, skills and behaviour (i.e. the competencies) of employees determine whether the organization will survive. Are the employees innovative enough? Is the organization innovative enough? Are you attractive enough for the best candidates in the labour market? And I can think of a few more of such critical questions. The bottom line is that organizations, especially professional knowledge intensive enterprises, are lost without a good HR strategy. The HR strategy is often based on competency management.

A good HR strategy

A good HR strategy states clearly what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you – whether employees are in permanent or temporary employment, or if they are temporarily hired self-employed or seconded persons.

I can help you – in line with your overall business strategy – to develop and realize a good HR strategy. If you so wish, I can also take care of the (project) management for (parts of) the execution. In addition, I specialize in talent and leadership development and competency management in the broadest sense of these terms.

An optimum HR policy

An optimum HR policy involves four levels. It must be clear, however, that a higher level is doomed to fail if the lower levels are executed with insufficient quality:

  1. Administrative support for the daily business processes. Think of personnel records and files, salaries, pensions, implementation of recruitment activities and the like.
  2. Compliance with the law and statutory regulations. Think of participation, working conditions and absenteeism.
  3. The provision of professional HR tools that support the company’s strategy. Examples include job evaluation, training, talent and management development, competency management, performance management.
  4. With HR in mind, thinking proactively about the future of the organization and thus having a say in strategic decisions. This includes, among other topics such as organizational development, labour market approach and remuneration management.
Competency management

Competency management is a way of working, focused on results, namely the realization of the goals of the company through the performance of the employees. This means you need to concretize the mission of your company and translate the company goals into the exact knowledge, skills and behavioural activities you expect from the employees. Thus competency management will show the relationship between the goals of the organization and the requirements employees must meet in order to achieve those goals. This brings clarity to the organization, easily enables a uniform approach, supports the right deployment and development of staff and shows the links between all personnel instruments. Competency management helps the employer to better deploy, motivate and retain his employees.

I have mapped this out and implemented it in dozens of organizations, from very large to small, with a high return for the businesses themselves and also in a way that got and kept the employees involved with and committed to the organizations. All policies and instruments used in the organization are coordinated. The binding factor here are uniform and workable competency profiles. I can ensure that these are drawn up properly. I can also help you implement measuring instruments for the selection and assessment of employees, effectively establishing a link between the employees’ competencies and their performance.


It was a pleasure to work with Margriet. She is inspiring and has a strong view on HR subjects and strategic, organizational issues. She professionalized our HR Department and introduced – amongst other things – competency management. On a more personal level Margriet is a great sparring partner, as she can combine being a tower of strength with sharp analysis, resulting in new ideas and insights.
Anja Verscheijden, Practice Leader Detachering & Interim Management, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Margriet is an expert in human resources (and certainly in other fields as well). She is always full of innovative ideas, keeps the overview while being realistic and gets things done. Moreover she is familiar with intercultural settings and has a great sense of humour.
Susanne Konigorski, PhD, Learning & Development Consultant for Europe, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Margriet is a hard-driving and enthusiastic consultant and (change) manager who can really get things moving and turn things around. She is result-oriented in a sensitive way and knows how to keep people on board with a clear HR/business strategy in mind. She is also a very supportive coach who, because of her broad experience as an HR-professional and entrepreneur, understands both personal and business problems immediately and is able to help you out with her combination of wisdom and positive energy.
Jurgen Hell, Owner, HB-Consult

Margriet is an excellent manager who contributes to the total HR process. During my time as an intern at Mercer HRC she coached me as much as she could, in spite of her busy schedule. This helped me to grow and to correct the mistakes that one makes as an intern. Due to her open and direct communication methods, regardless of who she’s dealing with, she is able to give people new and fresh perspectives. That was the case for me as an intern, but (as far as I could see) also for the senior management she was dealing with at that time.
Joost van Willigenburg, Intern, Mercer HR Consultancy

Margriet was able to mobilise the whole company from top to bottom around a culture change programme. All management and professional layers of Tauw, both in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, were involved in an very intensive individual and collective development programme, with huge positive impact on the way the company was managed. Margriet was the kick starter and driver of this process and kept people on board during this journey, as it often came very close on a personal level to the individuals involved. As Tauw was at that moment a very technical, content-driven company, this process was for many of the individuals involved a radically new experience. This was not the first time that Margriet was able to mobilise a whole company into a collective transformation process. She had done this before with several companies in different industries. It is really Margriet’s strength that she has the vision, the impact, the credibility and the know-how to make large transformation processes happen.
Ivo Brughmans, Principal Consultant, PA Consulting Group

I worked with Margriet when she was Director of HR at Tauw BV. On a regular basis we organised development centres for high potentials within the organisation. It was/is a pleasure to work with Margriet because of her knowledge and experience in the field of personal development of people and because of her personal involvement and pleasant cooperation. She has a broad knowledge of HR issues, a personal interest in people and a flexible, open approach of situations.
Daisy Helgers, Principal Consultant, Cubiks

At Tauw, Margriet has renewed the company focus on HRM. With great enthusiasm and profound to-the-point knowledge, she has developed and implemented competency-based management in the HRM-cycle.
André Doveren, Director Laboratory, Tauw

Margriet is a proven HRM professional, not only because she can write books about HRM but also seeing what she did in her position at Thuiszorg Rotterdam. And Thuiszorg Rotterdam was in that period a big dynamic organization with a lot of change and difficult management problems. She is by me also known as a friendly and emphatic person for business and for personnel.
Gerard van Balen, manager a.i., Thuiszorg Rotterdam