Coaching helps the coachee to let go of who he is and to become who he wants to be.

What it is exactly that the coachee wishes to let go of may differ from person to person, but it usually involves things like doubts and fears and other thoughts, feelings and ideas that prevent them from living a free and purposeful life. Through coaching I help my client to find out what is important for him and to work towards those goals. In general, the problems often arise from conflicts, crisis, change, communication problems, lack of confidence, lack of motivation. But career questions are also common.

I coach entrepreneurs, (senior) managers, professionals, and ‘gifted persons’ and in some cases also young people from about 14 years old – whose problems almost always have a relationship with their functioning in work or study.


Of course we start with a personal meeting where we analyse your question together. Then I check if I am the most suitable coach for you, or if it may be better to refer you to a colleague. If I do refer you, I shall arrange for you to have an informal chat with that coach. Only after the meeting will you need to decide whether to go into a three or six months’ coaching process. Then we shall enter into a clear contract based on your question.

My solution focused coaching will always start with the strengths that any coachee has. This focus ensures that I can guarantee a relatively short time for us to arrive at the solution or the desired change, or development.

Depending on the nature of your question, we can make use of one or more profiling instruments and resources, various types of games, tests and exercises.

The coaching sessions of on average an hour and a half take place in a peaceful environment, at my place in Amersfoort, or elsewhere. Every session is clearly wrapped up, sometimes with ‘homework’ for the client. The client himself writes a little report on the session. We regularly assess progress on the basis of our coaching agreement.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching focuses on entrepreneurs and (senior) managers. The issues are often related to visioning, mission and strategy, or leadership, people management, results-oriented control, influence, dealing with employees and colleagues, managing and developing teams. In executive coaching we may discuss business aspects, but also more personal issues that the coachee feels are influencing their work or their private lives.

Career coaching

Career coaching is often aimed at clarifying the aspirations and career opportunities of the client. Redeployment, reintegration and outplacement may also be issues.

Career coaching is also useful if there are very specific problems related to the work of the coachee: the interaction with colleagues or employees. These are often behavioural and attitudinal aspects. In both cases, we may work on the (further) development of specific skills and competencies, such as time management and communication skills.

Team Coaching

Most coaching is done in one-on-one meetings. I may also be asked to coach a team. Then there is often talk of (subcutaneous) conflicts, lack of cooperation, or a necessary change. But team coaching is especially effective when a new team must be formed quickly, for example after a merger or acquisition.

However, team coaching may also mean: guiding the entire team, including the team leader, in achieving the desired results by working effectively and efficiently and in the way that suits the team best. It is then our joint effort to ensure that each team member’s individual contribution is recognized and utilized in the system that they form together.


I have come to know Margriet as an enthusiastic and dedicated coach. She is able to get to the heart of the problem very quickly and put you on the right track. In addition you get many practical tips. I have benefited a great deal from my series of coaching sessions with Margriet and notice this in all aspects of my work. I also hear this from the people around me.
In my work in HR I won’t hesitate to engage Margriet for series of coaching sessions for my fellow employees.
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
Jolanda Straver

 I know Margriet as a very wise and committed coach, a strong and motivated leader and a reliable and competent consultant. I love her warm personality and passion to help (young) people who need a change.
Josine Van Lith, Owner, Mastercoaching International

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.
Rianne van der Schilden

Margriet is a very professional business coach who will always be attentive in seeking the most effective way of coaching from the perspective of client and business goal.
Niek van der Veen, Director/business owner, Expert Opinion BV

Margriet is […] highly motivated [and has a] high internal drive for success and improvement. Strongly developed interpersonal skills and a motivator to the rest of a team.
René te Lintum, Finance manager, Wincanton Trans European (Nederland) B.V.

Margriet is a naturally gifted Coach with years of practical experience from both the corporate and small business sectors. Within a very short time of meeting her you will feel both motivated and at ease. She helped our company bid for large international contracts and made a very positive contribution.
Ian Walker, Managing Director, CPDWorks Ltd

From our very first coaching session Margriet has made me reflect about myself, about how I appear to others and therefore about how I behave. As a business man, as a ‘boss’, but also as a husband and a father.

I have learned a lot. The main thing I learned is that I always have a choice and that I should make my choices consciously. Margriet has helped me see that and taught me to make choices and to focus. This has not been an easy process. Sometimes she really had to drive me into a corner. And she did! As friendly as she normally is, she can also be very strict, but always in a supportive and sympathetic manner. It was not always nice to hear but – looking back on it now – she was right.

It helped a lot that Margriet understands what it means to be an entrepreneur. She has also helped me make my company healthier by checking all the processes and making suggestions for improvements. Some of the improvements she implemented herself. Apart from better results, this has also given me a lot of peace.

In short, I have been helped in many areas and can really recommend coaching by Margriet!
Alex G., entrepreneur

For many years I have been an independent professional who loves his work. Being entrepreneurial has been given a new meaning by Margriet’s coaching. I have received good feedback and support to grow my business and to focus on an entrepreneurial approach. It has become more fun and more challenging. I see more opportunities now and I go for them!
Jef van Beckhoven, BLCC Loopbaanbegeleiding