These days organizations must change almost constantly to stay in business. There is always something happening. If you do not go along with developments, you run risks. Stagnation means regression, after all!

I coach and assist entrepreneurs and management boards of companies from different sectors in the (re)formulation and achievement of their business goals. Whether there are adjustments needed in response to market developments or results, for growth or downsizing, innovation or an exit strategy, merger or acquisition, most companies will at some point need to review the vision and the mission but above all the business goals and translate these into a new strategy.

The strategy should lead to policies. But in many organizations most extensive business plans and policy documents end up at the bottom of some desk drawer gathering dust without anything actually changing. That doesn’t work!

I help management to translate their vision into an appropriate strategy, put this to paper and then communicate it with the employees in an understandable manner. I bring along my knowledge of general management, internal communications and human talent, as well as solution focused coaching – all coupled with realism and determination.

This combination ensures that the new strategy and policies get wide support in the organization. The effect this has is that the often complex and strategic changes needed for the new course are actually – and enthusiastically – made by the employees.

Of course, my advice may also concern more specific topics. I have extensive experience in strategy, policy, organizational design and business planning – also in large and international organizations. Moreover, I have been accredited by the Institute for Independent Business as a general business consultant for midsize and smaller independent companies. And where more specialized knowledge is required, I have plenty of that available in my network.

Why would you hire Margriet as your business advisor?
  • You are working too many hours and you dare not go on holiday because then the whole business will collapse – or so you think…
  • Your income does not outweigh the challenges, the risks and the investment you make in your business. This has to change! You want to make a lot more profit.
  • You always have to do everything yourself. You need a team of good people who keep your business running even when you’re not there.
  • You don’t like your work anymore. You have lost your vision and the passion with which you started the company.
  • You realize that you need to develop knowledge and skills in order to grow further, but what will you do and where will you find the time?
  • You feel alone (it’s lonely at the top), you need a sounding board, a mentor, someone to talk to, someone who calls you to account, and asks after the profit, the results, someone who gives you that much-needed boost, encourages you and praises you for having done a nice job – hopefully just a little more often than other people do.
  • You need someone to help you see the wood again for the trees, an independent outside person who is not blinded by the industry or by habituation to the way you work.
  • You see the need to adapt or even to enter into completely new things, but expect problems in achieving the desired changes, for employees’ lack of willingness to change.
  • You have experienced too many good employees leaving due to an accumulation of changes in the content of their work, their careers or their rewards, but also in the ‘culture’ of the organization, policies and especially the working atmosphere.
Examples of issues where I've been able to help clients in recent years:

Where the employer / manager / professional is in need of:

  • A confidential advisor, sounding board, mentor
  • An outside ‘board member’
  • Objective constructive feedback
  • Understanding his own weaknesses
  • A new look, a new perspective
  • An objective review of the company
  • Accountability
  • Creative ideas, inspiration, new energy, new passion for what he does
  • Verbalization of his vision: what exactly do I want to achieve
  • Vision to be translated in strategy: How can I achieve it
  • Strategy implementation, prioritization
  • Personal development, invest in themselves
  • Specific new behavioural skills (influencing, motivating, managing, dealing with conflict, etc.)
  • Development of his personal performance / Personal achievements
  • Support in (new) business role or function
  • Support in growing to a more senior function
  • Effectuation of a desired change


Where the entrepreneur lies awake because of:

  • Stagnation in the (desired) development / growth of the company (turnover, profit)
  • Declining revenue
  • Something that slows or hinders progress – what, exactly, is not always clear
  • Oncoming changes in his business or private life
  • Whether his company will generate sufficient income ‘for his old age’
  • How and when to say goodbye to his business
  • The company does not reach the results that are needed
  • Underperformance of direct employees
  • Growing competitive pressure
  • Responsibilities (lonely at the top )
  • A particular issue, problem – details may need to be mapped
  • A much too busy schedule, too many hours of work, lack of time / attention to private / relaxation
  • Too much on his plate, stress, frustration
  • All the things they need to do, but don’t like
  • Anxiety about their own abilities, lack of confidence
  • The realization that something needs to change, but ‘no idea what’
  • No longer enjoying it, not seeing the point of things, wanting something different (but what?)
  • Feeling stuck – not knowing what to do anymore! Realizing that there are limits to their own knowledge and skills


Where the company has to contend with:

  • Declining results
  • Too little profit, the bottom line should improve
  • Customer expectations are not being met
  • Not managing to design and implement a desired change
  • Problems regarding leadership, responsibilities, corporate culture, work atmosphere
  • Bad communication both internally and (with) external
  • Bad relationships between managers and employees or between management and staff representatives / works council
  • Underperformance of / within a team
  • The need for innovation
  • Company structure – processes and systems do not fit (any more)
  • Attitude or behaviour of a manager or employee(s) impede progress

Margriet Guiver-Freeman is an experienced and successful change manager and business coach. In her work, she is people-centred and has a strategy focus. She takes leadership and mobilizes people when necessary, yet she always has an excellent coaching and team building approach.
She is very pleasant to work with, not only because of her networking and relation management skills, but also because she has good substance and knows what business management is all about.
Jan van Montfort, SME advisor, IIB

I know Margriet as a very wise and committed coach, a strong and motivated leader and a reliable and competent consultant. I love her warm personality and passion to help (young) people who need a change.
Josine Van Lith, Owner, Mastercoaching International

Margriet is a lady full of initiative, a hard working entrepreneur, and a joy to work with.
Rinze Tjeerdsma, Director, TCS Business and Policy Advice

Margriet is a very professional business coach who will always be attentive in seeking the most effective way of coaching from the perspective of client and business goal.
Niek van der Veen, Director/business owner, Expert Opinion BV

Margriet Guiver Freeman is a top senior and experienced manager and adviser at C-Suite level. Although she’s a specialist in HR, her actions often reach out far beyond this area and impact the heart and culture of the organisation (change management). Her strong points are the combination of theory, insights and years of (international) practice that translate in strong practical and ‘hands on’ actions and advice. She has a fast and sharp pen, which makes her a good writer and communicator. Keywords are: involved, committed, persistent, straight.
Jos Berkemeijer, Market leader, Mercer

Margriet is a very focussed individual who is very able at achieving objectives through team work. She has strong communication skills and is an excellent professional.
Janine van den Nieuwenhuysen, Mercer – Worldwide Partner, Mercer

Margriet is a hard-driving and enthusiastic consultant and (change) manager who can really get things moving and turn things around. She is result-oriented in a sensitive way and knows how to keep people on board with a clear HR/business strategy in mind. She is also a very supportive coach who, because of her broad experience as an HR-professional and entrepreneur, understands both personal and business problems immediately and is able to help you out with her combination of wisdom and positive energy.
Jurgen Hell, Owner, HB-Consult

Margriet is a strong, goal oriented project manager with a huge experience in working in organizations with highly professional people. She managed to get things done despite the fact that this type of organization is full of opinionated people. Margriet kept a strong focus on the organization as a whole and involved all levels and different personalities.
Hans Van Dijk, Consultant, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Margriet was able to mobilise the whole company from top to bottom around a culture change programme. All management and professional layers of Tauw, both in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, were involved in an very intensive individual and collective development programme, with huge positive impact on the way the company was managed. Margriet was the kick starter and driver of this process and kept people on board during this journey, as it often came very close on a personal level to the individuals involved. As Tauw was at that moment a very technical, content-driven company, this process was for many of the individuals involved a radically new experience. This was not the first time that Margriet was able to mobilise a whole company into a collective transformation process. She had done this before with several companies in different industries. It is really Margriet’s strength that she has the vision, the impact, the credibility and the know-how to make large transformation processes happen.
Ivo Brughmans, Principal Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Margriet Guiver may be characterised as manager of change. She is interested in the principles that organisations are built on. She sees the interworkings of the system itself and the long and short range implications of events that occur and behaviours that people display. As such she recognised the need for continuous engineering education or lifelong learning within our consultancy divisions. This has resulted in the predecessor of what is now called the Tauw University. Apart from her professional skills, Margriet has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and she uses her intuition and flexibility to relate to others at their own level.
Joop Okx, research & development, Tauw

Margriet is […] highly motivated [and has a] high internal drive for success and improvement. Strongly developed interpersonal skills and a motivator to the rest of a team.
René te Lintum, Finance manager, Wincanton Trans European (Nederland) B.V.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Maartje Stam, Project leader at Van Hall Larenstein (part of Wageningen University)

… It helped a lot that Margriet understands what it means to be an entrepreneur. She has also helped me make my company healthier by checking all the processes and making suggestions for improvements. Some of the improvements she implemented herself. Apart from better results, this has also given me a lot of peace. In short, I have been helped in many areas and can really recommend coaching by Margriet!
Alex G., entrepreneur